2015/2016 – Courses

For each pillar, the 2015/2016 PhD program is structured as follows
IMMIGRATION 2nd November – 18th December Introductory course on the basics, main topics and research trends in the area
CORE 11th January – 1st April Detailed courses on selected topics of interest, with a strong focus on research results, techniques, and challenges

You can follow this link to access the up-to-date schedule of our courses
Courses calendar 2015/2016

In the following we provide the detailed program belonging to each research pillar in computer science.


Introduction to Formal Methods Rocco De Nicola
Quantitative Formal Methods Catia Trubiani
Formal Methods at Work Luca Aceto


Modelling and Verification of Reactive Systems Rocco De Nicola
Principles of Model Checking Michele Loreti
Performance Modeling Mirco Tribastone

Immigration (website on Lore)

Introduction to the course Paola Inverardi
Software engineering principles and research, software architecture, collaborative development Ivano Malavolta
Model-based design and the Eclipse IDE Ludovico Iovino
Software testing and dependability Antonia Bertolino


Empirical software engineering Massimiliano Di Penta
Abstraction, modelling e architecting Patrizio Pelliccione
Software testing and dependability Antonia Bertolino


Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Fundamentals Michele Flammini
Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Advanced Topics Gianlorenzo D’Angelo


Distributed Computing: Algorithms, Fault Tolerance and Related Issues David Peleg and Shmuel Zaks
Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design Michele Flammini and Stefano Leonardi
Approximation Algorithms and Algorithm Engineering Fabrizio Grandoni, Gianlorenzo D’Angelo and Mattia D’Emidio

Advanced courses

Also, we give a set of advanced courses on selected topics of interest, these courses have a seminarial nature and pertain to all research pillars of computer science at GSSI. In the following we list our advanced courses. They will be during the whole academic year.

Green/sustainable software engineering 20-21 June Patricia Lago
Dynamic Graph Algorithms 13-15 June Giuseppe F. Italiano
Quantum Computing 23-27 May Luca Trevisan
Model-based design and analysis of concurrent and adaptive software 4-8 July Jeff Kramer
Systematic Mining Software Repositories 18-22 July Harald Gall
Optimisation of industrial size architecture specifications 11-25 April Lars Grunske
Game Theory with Limited Rationality 18-21 April Giuseppe Persiano
Advances in Quantitative Verification for Software Performance Engineering 2-6 May Radu Calinescu