Kim Larsen will deliver an advanced course at GSSI, stay tuned!

Lecturer: Kim Larsen, Title: From Timed Automata to Stochastic Hybrid Games – Model Checking, Synthesis, Performance Analysis, Optimization and Machine Learning Abstract: Timed automata and games, priced timed automata and energy automata have emerged as useful formalisms for modeling real-time and energy-aware systems as found in several embedded and cyber-physical systems. During the last […]

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Seminar by Prof. L. A. Gąsieniec from University of Liverpool

Speaker: Prof. L.A. Gąsieniec (University of Liverpool) Title: Deterministic Majority/Plurality Consensus Protocols Where: GSSI (Main Lecture Hall) When: Tue 27/09/2016, 15:00-16:00 Abstract: We study space-optimal population protocols for several variants of the majority and plurality consensus problems. We start with an important amendment allowing majority population protocols to report equality if neither of the original […]

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Paola Inverardi’s slides available


The slides of prof. Paola Inverardi‘s introductory lecture are now available here. The lecture belongs to the Software systems and services immigration course held here at GSSI. This is the webpage of the course: Please, note that you need a code to access the webpage of the course, Ivano will hand it to you […]

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