FAQ for students in the CS@GSSI PhD program

What is the grading system used in course evaluations by CS@GSSI?

Immigration and core courses are evaluated using the following grades: A (excellent), B (good), C (sufficient) and D (insufficient). The grades for the courses are only used as an internal reference.

Which exams and how many should I take?

Every student of the PhD program in Computer Science must attend all courses. Moreover, they must pass the exams
of the following courses:

  • ALL three immigration courses (90 hours total);
  • 1 core course for each pillar (42 hours total);
  • 4 core courses of the student’s choice (56 hours total).

See page 4 of the PhD Rules available at PHD rules

 Advanced courses do not have final exams.
How many attempts do I have to pass an exam?
The exam for each course can be attempted twice.
How do I inform CS@GSSI that I am unable to attend a lecture?
Send an email to the course lecturer with a cc to Luca Aceto (luca.aceto@gssi.it) and Michele Flammini (michele.flammini@gssi.it).  In case you know that you are going to be absent for some period of time, please inform Luca Aceto and Michele Flammini well in advance.