Dr. Giuliano Casale seminar – 15 July – 11:30 am

Date and location: July 15th – 11:30am – Room B

Title: Towards Performance Aware DevOps

Abstract: DevOps has emerged in recent years as a novel paradigm to facilitate the interaction between development and IT operations. For example, DevOps advocates the use of automated tools and infrastructure-as-code as a way to increase the agility of IT application delivery. In this talk, I will first discuss opportunities and challenges that DevOps brings to the area of performance engineering. I will then review automated tools to meet performance and cost requirements since the early design stages of an application. Finally, I will present a concrete example of performance aware DevOps, namely the MODAClouds platform for multi-cloud software engineering (http://multiclouddevops.com).

Giuliano Casale is a Lecturer in performance analysis and operations research at the Department of Computing of Imperial College London. Prior to this, he was a full-time researcher at SAP Research UK. His research interests include cloud computing, modeling, and resource management, topics on which he has published more than 70 refereed papers in international conferences and journals. He has served as co-chair for several conferences in the area of performance engineering, such as ACM SIGMETRICS/Performance 2012, IEEE MASCOTS, USENIX ICAC and ACM/SPEC ICPE. He is member of the IFIP WG 7.3 group on Computer Performance Analysis and the ACM SIGMETRICS Board of Directors.