Kim Larsen will deliver an advanced course at GSSI, stay tuned!

Lecturer: Kim Larsen,

Title: From Timed Automata to Stochastic Hybrid Games – Model Checking, Synthesis, Performance Analysis, Optimization and Machine Learning

Abstract: Timed automata and games, priced timed automata and energy automata have emerged as useful formalisms for modeling real-time and energy-aware systems as found in several embedded and cyber-physical systems. During the last 20 years the real-time model checker UPPAAL has been developed allowing for efficient verification of hard timing constraints of timed automata. Moreover a number of significant branches exists, e.g. UPPAAL CORA providing efficient support for optimization, and UPPAAL TIGA allowing for automatic synthesis of strategies for given safety and liveness objectives. Also the branch UPPAAL SMC, provides a highly scalable new engine supporting (distributed) statistical model checking of stochastic hybrid automata, and most recently the new branch UPPAAL STRATEGO supporting safe and optimal strategies for stochastic hybrid games by combining symbolic methods with machine learning.

The lecture will review the various branches of UPPAAL and their concerted applications to a range of real-time and cyber-physical examples including schedulability and performance evaluation of mixed criticality systems, modeling and analysis of biological systems, energy-aware wireless sensor networks, smart grids and smart houses and battery scheduling.

Expected schedule: May 2018