Ludovico Iovino

I am Ph.D. in Computer Science, postdoc researcher at the  GSSI – Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila in the Computer Science department. The GSSI is an international PhD school and a center for advanced studies in physics, mathematics, computer science and social sciences, it has been instituted as a new Italian graduate school of advanced studies in 2016, after a three-years succesful experimental period.

My interests include Model Driven Engineering (MDE), Model Transformations, Metamodel Evolution, code generation and software quality evaluation. Currently I am working on model-based artifacts and issues related to the metamodel evolution problem. I worked on model to code generation but also traditional code-centric development methods. I’ve been included in the program commitees of numerous conferences and in the local organisation of the STAF conference 2015 in L’Aquila. I’m involved in different academic projects about Model Repositories, model migration tools and Eclipse Plugins.

Projects i’m in involved in:

MDE Forge platform consists of a number of services that can be used by means of both a Web access and programmatic interfaces (API) that enable their adoption as software as a service.In particular, core services are provided to enable the management of modeling artifacts, namely transformations, models, metamodels, and editors.Atop of such core services, extensions can be developed to add new functionalities.

is a multi-artefact migration tool for dealing with metamodel coupled evolution. The tool is under development and it will be able to adapt corrupted artifacts after metamodel changes.

This website has the purpose to collect which kinds of changes could be applied on metamodels. We’re developing a catalog of refactorings and we’ll insert diagrams to depict the metamodel excerpt before and after the refactoring. For clarity the meta-metamodeling context used in this approach is Ecore(EMF).