Seminar from Christine Julien

Date: Tue, 19 July, 15:00 – 16:00, GSSI Room B
Speaker: Christine Julien

Title: Middleware for Context-Sharing in Device-to-Device Mobile Environments

Abstract: In mobile systems, device-to-device communication and coordination are increasingly mainstream. In these new styles of interactions, it is essential for co-located devices to share (potentially over multiple hops) expressive context information at low-overhead. In this talk, I will motivate the need to share expressive and varied context information over multiple hops then present in detail the ChitChat system for low-overhead device-to-device context sharing. ChitChat constructs data structures containing context information using classical summary structures. By design, ChitChat’s structures sacrifice the fidelity of context information, relying on semantic reconstruction at the receiving side. This talk presents the context of ChitChat, then the details of the design, implementation, and evaluation of the ChitChat context sharing approach. The talk closes with perspectives on the kinds of device-to-device capabilities enabled by having a system like ChitChat available.