Seminar from Luca Naso

Date: 27th of June, 3 pm, GSSI Main Hall
Speaker: Luca Naso
Title: “Big Data: from science to markets”

What do galaxies, LHC, stock markets, our facebook profiles and worldwide computer networks share in common? All of them produce an “astronomical” amount of data every day and we want to use them. The challenge in dealing with such a large dataset is not only in its size, but in its complexity. Indeed, increasingly smarter technologies are used to perform data diagnostics in all these contexts. Big data is definitely a hot topic these days: from science to business, the techniques developed to analyse big data touch our everyday lives.

Luca Naso has a PhD in Astrophysics and is passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data. He is an expert of new digital technologies following a data-driven approach. Luca is currently working as Data Scientist at Neodata, CTO at Tree and Mentor for the largest Italian corporate startup accelerator, TIM #Wcap Accelerator. TIM #Wcap has been recently awarded as Top10 Corporate Accelerator in Europe. He is also leading the “Big Data for You” project: a Community for entrepreneurs, professionals and students who want to learn more, share their experience and make projects together. In his talk, Luca will give an introduction on current practices and future trends in Data Science, providing successful examples of Big Data projects and focusing on strategies for succeeding in Big Data projects.