Group meetings

In the following we outline the group meetings we are organizing at GSSI – Computer Science.

All group meetings take place at GSSI. Ph.D. students are asked to attend group meetings as part of their learning path and anyone who is interested to the topics of the meetings are kindly invited to participate to them.

Seminar title Speaker Date
AErlang at Work Tan Duong 11th January 2017
On stability of time-inhomogeneous Markov jump linear systems Yuriy Zacchia Lun 2th December 2016
Dynamic Taxes for Polynomial Congestion Games Cosimo Vinci 22th July 2016
Symbolic performance adaptation Emilio Incerto 27th April 2016
Exploiting Traceability Uncertainty between Software Architectural Models and Performance Analysis Results Catia Trubiani 4th September 2015
On the maximum betweenness augmentation problem Lorenzo Severini 4th September 2015
End Users’ Perception of Hybrid Mobile Apps in the Google Play Store Ivano Malavolta 25th June 2015
Greedily improving our own centrality in a network Lorenzo Severini 17th June 2015
A faster computation of all the best swap edges of a tree spanner Feliciano Colella 17th June 2015
Hybrid Mobile Apps in the Google Play Store: An Exploratory Investigation Stefano Ruberto 13th May 2015
Energy Consumption and Power Management in Web Search Engines Matteo Catena 13th May 2015