Software systems and services – student papers and presentations available

Yesterday our first-year PhD students discussed their first research paper at GSSI. The paper has been produced in the context of their second assignment of the Software systems and services immigration course.

The assignment required the study of a specific topic of software engineering that may be of interest for future research in the area. The motivation for this assignment is to expose students to specific open problems in software engineering and to start being trained in reading and analysing scientific papers.

In the following we provide all the papers and presentations (in sparse order), hoping that they may be useful for interested researchers.

We will be available for any discussions or comments regarding the papers, have a nice reading!



Manuel Mauro Performance Analysis of Mobile Applications Paper Presentation
Imran Khan An overview of MDSE terminologies and verification techniques for model transformation Paper Presentation
Francesco Cellinese Navigation design for data-intensive software system Paper Presentation
Ahmed M.AbdelSalam Software Quality Models: Brief Survey Paper Presentation
Matteo Tonelli Mission design of teams of mobile robot Paper Presentation
Lorenzo Pagliari Survey on Techniques to Manage Metamodel Changes Paper Presentation
Paolo Di Francesco Software product line development of mobile applications Paper Presentation
Bishwajeet Pandey Survey of Role of Metrics and CoMoPeRU Quality Attributes in Measurement of Transformation Model Paper Presentation
Raffaello Carosi MDE for healthcare (interoperability and applications) Paper Presentation