Ten PhD positions in Computer Science at GSSI – L’Aquila (Italy) (2015)

The Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI – http://www.gssi.infn.it/ ), a recently established international PhD school and a Center for advanced studies in L’Aquila (ITALY) offers 10 PhD positions in Computer Science.

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These positions are related to the pillars of the PhD program in Computer Science (http://cs.gssi.infn.it), namely:

  • Foundations of social and computer networks
  • Software systems and services
  • Specifications and analysis of concurrent reactive systems

Apart from pursuing their own research studies, the successful candidates will have the opportunity to cooperate with members of the research group and of the Scientific Board (http://cs.gssi.infn.it/phd-program/information/), as well as with the frequent guests of the institute.

Facilities and benefits:

  • All PhD students will have tuition fees waived;
  • all PhD students will have free accommodation on GSSI facilities (a financial substitute of 350,00 Euros gross/month may be offered upon request);
  • all PhD students will have free luncheon vouchers;
  • all PhD students will be covered by insurance against any accident and/or injury that may occur while carrying out their PhD activities.

The deadline for application is: April 15, 2015 at 6:00 pm (Rome time)
The PhD programs last three years. The yearly amount of the scholarship is of € 16.159,91 gross.
For information see http://www.gssi.infn.it/phd/.

For any further information feel free to contact Rocco De Nicola (rocco.denicola@imtlucca.it), the coordinator of the PhD program in Computer Science, or any other member of the research group or of the Scientific Board http://cs.gssi.infn.it/phd-program/information/.

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