The official proceedings of COMMitMDE 2016 are available on CEUR, check them out here! Official CEUR proceedings
The slides of all the talks of the workshop are publicly available here Slides

COMMitMDE 2016 brings together experts in model driven software engineering and collaborative software engineering in order to give evidence on the research and development going on collaborative modelling in MDE.

In the context of MDE, a collaborative MDE approach is a method or technique in which:

  1. models are the first-class elements that drive both the software development activities and the other model-based tasks in the context of a software engineering process
  2. at least one repository exists for managing the persistence of the models
  3. at least a modelling tool exists for allowing each stakeholder involved in the modelling activities to create, edit, and delete models
  4. at least a communication means exists for allowing involved stakeholders to be aware of what the other stakeholders collaborating with them are doing (e.g., chat, social network, wiki, asynchronous messaging system, issue tracker)
  5. at least a collaboration means exists for allowing involved stakeholders to work on the modelling artifacts collaboratively (e.g., model versioning systems, model merging mechanisms, systems for model conflicts management and visualization)

This workshop has the dual role of investigating the potential impact of collaborative SE methods and principles into MDE practices, as well as MDE support to collaborative SE.
The main objectives we want to achieve by running this workshop are:

  • Check the state of the research and practice on Collaborative MDE
  • Create links between tool vendors, researchers, and practitioners
  • Inform the community about the new means for collaborative MDE
  • Identify needs and gaps in the Collaborative MDE community